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30 Day Blog Challenge Day 13

Hi Guys  Hope your all ok  So today's blog is going to be about what is inside my fridge.  I have been to have a look and at the moment inside my fridge is  Strawberries: mmmm strawberry goodness I love them for pudding. Water: We love flavoured water, I'm obsessed with elderflower water (currently sat with a glass of it next to me) and elderflower and blackberry.  Sauces: Tomato, Brown sauce and mayo, we also have a jar of caramelised red onions.  Cheese  Butter A pack of breaded goats cheese Vimto: I'll be totally honest I had never tried vimto before I met Paul and now I love the stuff. Milk Mushrooms  A bottle of wine that which is a gift for my friends birthday which I still haven't given to her A bottle of Prosecco   And that is it, It sounds like not a lot, but we haven't done this weeks shop yet so I may add to this when we have haha.  Bit of a simple post but that is it really that is what is in my fridge.  See you soon