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30 Day Blog Challenge Day 10

Hi Guys Hope your all ok Today I would like to talk about "Tips For Life''. I am a person who loves to try and think of quotes to help me get through the bad situations (see my previous blog post ). It makes me feel a lot better and stronger. One thing that always gets me through my life and I always think of is this:  ''Your life is a fairy tale, if life isn't going your way, your just in the bad part of your fairy tale  your happily ever after will come soon'' Try and think of this as my tip to you, whenever you have an argument with someone, don't pass a test or feel really down and not happy, try and think I am in my own fairy tale, this is all about me and my fairy tale just hasn't ended yet.   For me it always makes me feel like a Disney Princess maybe Snow White, I am running through the woods and I cant find my way out, but I need to believe that I will find that little place in the woods where friends will help me to