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The Power of Make Up

Hi Guys Hope you're all ok I have been having a little break from my blog but I'm back and here to stay. This post is based on a youtube video I recently watched by Becca Rose. She is one of my favourite youtubers and I am a bit obsessed with her channel. A few weeks ago she filmed a video about the power of make up, she had gotten the idea from another youtuber (Nikki Tutorials). (To watch their videos please click the links below) Becca Rose                                                                             Nikki Tutorial   The video is all about how women are seen by some men as being fake when they wear make up. There has been a number of memes and pictures flying around social media like this : Which is aimed at other men, telling them to take girls out on a first date to a swimming baths so they can see their true faces.  There has even been a story in the media (although I am not sure how reliable it is) that a man was