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30 Day Blog Challenge Day 6

Hi Guys  Hope your all ok. So the blog challenge continues and day 6 is what am I afraid of.  I am afraid of a few things so I took my 3 biggest fears and thought I would tell you about them, maybe you have the same fears? Let me know :D 1. Like a lot of people my number 1 fear is spiders, I really hate them. Hate is a very strong word yes but I don't care they freak me out. I keep trying to say to myself that they are probably a lot more scared of me then I am of them but it doesn't work, to them I am a giant and cud crush them at any point, but to me they are a small thing with lots of legs that could jump in my face and kill me at any point. So yeah number 1 spiders.  2. Number 2 is C***ns I even hate the word!!!!! These are people you find in the circus who make some people laugh but make me totally terrified, I cant say the word I cant write the word but I hate them, they scare me so much. It started when I was very very young and I had had a nightmare one night,