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30 Day Blog Challenge Day 9

Hi Guys Hope your all ok. What is in my bag is the topic of today's blog. Normally my bag is full of old receipts and wrappers and bits and bobs of make up and perfume, but a couple of days ago I bought a brand new bag and it looks so nice and clean and tidy hehe. So here we go :D My lovely new bag is gorgeous!!!! It is in burgundy and is from Clark's, yep I said it Clark's, you would be surprised at how lovely the bags are there now so if you are looking for a new one have a quick pop in and see what you find. You can find this on the Clarks website here  This is my baby, my gorgeous new bag, it was £40 and I love it. It has burgundy snake skin detailing on the handle and on the bag tag, which also has a gold sign on saying 'Clarks". My favourite part of this bag is a bit of security for all us girlie's,  The zip at the front has this little buckle detailing. I use the zip as a place for my phone and my train pass and it makes me