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Mental Health Day

As most ( if not all) people will know the 10th October was Mental Health Day. It is a full day where you can be aware of mental health issues. My biggest issue is why does it takes a day to acknowledge peoples mental health. Anyone who has been reading my blog for a while will know, I was diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression when I was 21. Since being told it wasn't just me being a weirdo and there was an explanation for why I was the way I was, I have felt so much better. My next step was to figure out my triggers and how to avoid them or overcome them when I cant avoid them. 9 years have passed and to be honest yes I do still find it hard, I struggle a lot with paranoia in my normal life and in my relationship. My anxiety I have found over the last few months is starting to get a lot harder to deal with, I have been having a few panic attacks, or finding it hard to focus and to breath. I have this anxiety tic sort of thing that I do, it is very hard to describe in w