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Fresh Start

 Hi Everyone,  I hope you are all ok, I have been very out of blogging the last year or so and that is because so much of my life has changed, I have separated from Paul, he moved out about a month ago, so I am officially living alone for the moment, more about that in a bit.  Sadly my gorgeous girl Coco passed away in early September, so it is just me and Bella now, I have been heartbroken these past few weeks but whenever I cry Bella comes over and gives me kisses and she even licks around my eyes to take the tears away (who ever says animals don't understand emotions clearly needs to sit down with Bella).  Like the rest of the country lockdown was a really hard time for me. I moved to the North West nearly 6 years ago now and so sadly I couldn't even just go stand outside my parents house and yell a hello. I ended up going 9 months without seeing my parents, I was so happy when I finally got to see them.  Just before lockdown tho I met someone, he is so smart and funny, he m