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30 Day Blog Challenge Day 1

Hi Guys Hope your all ok,  So I have decided that I have not spent enough time focusing on you guys and so I thought a nice way for you all to get to now me and for me to show you some more love and blog posts is to do this challenge.  Day 1 - Your Blog's Name  So today post is all about my blogs name and why I chose it. As I have said in many different blogs I started this blog as a way to talk to other people. Maybe you are like me and love make up, fashion, books, movies anything like that. I love talking about all kinds of different things and so having a blog is my way of doing that.   The reason I chose A Diary of A Curvy Girly is because this is what I want this to be, like my diary, where I can say anything I want to because this is my tiny bit of the internet, my small section in the huge world wide web. I want to give people advice, share my experiences and try and help people. If I have been though something that you are going through and want me to ta