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Organise Me.....Please

Organisation ......... Organisation. When I hear that word I get a huge smile on my face, my heart beats faster and my mind flips through all of the stationary I want to buy to get myself organised. I then rush out, spend a fortune on books, planners, pens and everything else I think I need and then ......... nothing. I loose my groove and forget to write things down, I then kick myself for spending so much money and end up not planning anything. So why do I need to change? Well for One I am 29 years old and I need to think about my life as a grown women and not a stationary loving student (although I will ALWAYS love stationary, yes August is my favourite time of year, I still feel like I need new pens and books when ever I see them on sale, like Meg Ryan in 'You've Got Mail' I feel like having a bouquet of new pens). Two I am getting married next year and I have so much to plan, my wedding is only small so it doesn't need a planner of its own but I still need so