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30 Day Blog Challenge Day 12

Hi Guys  Hope your all ok  Books have always been a very big part of my life, from when I was little to now. The one that started it all off for me was by the brilliant children's writer Roald Dahl. He wrote many amazing children's books but my favourite was 'The Twits", I always found the descriptions of the characters so funny and always looked for people that looked like them when me and my mom would go out and about.  I (probably like many other children) found that he was on such a children's level when writing, he had a way of saying things that would make you laugh and talking about grown up situations (like in Matilda) that allowed children to understand.  My second favourite was Matilda, I remember my teacher in year 1 reading it to us when we had story time in our class, I couldn't wait for the next time she would read it to us, and hated if bell rang and we were half way through a chapter because I would have to wait. Roald Dahl would tell a