My Medical Condition.

I have a little job query, but in order to ask my question, I need to tell you a little bit about a medical condition that I have, so in the spirit of sharing, sit back, relax and I will tell you what happened when I was born.

I was a very special baby, not only did my mom NOT know she was pregnant, but I was also a premature baby, they could tell this by my size. So I was put straight into an incubator to give me a bit of a fighting chance.

My mom has this picture of me at home in the incubator with tubes and things, it must have been so scary for her. So from when I was born till I was a couple days old I had my fist clenched and when I finally opened it my mom was in for a shock.

I was born with an extra thumb! This is also known as thumb duplication or polydactyly of the thumb.

     (You can just about see my two thumbs)

On my right hand I had 4 fingers and two thumbs, both thumbs were deformed, and I eventually had one of them removed. I had quite a few operations on the remaining thumb while I was growing up, I even once had to have it straightened and the only thing small enough to be able to do the job was a paperclip!!! Honestly no lie, I had a paper clip in my thumb.

(You can see the deformation from after the extra thumb was removed)

I was also told that if by the age of 21 my thumb looked unproportionate to my hand they would look at cosmetic surgery to match it if I wanted to. I have never had that problem, my hands are quite small so my thumb looks in proportion with my hand. 

So this brings me to this year. I have always known because of my joints in my thumb that I have to be careful, if I knock it or bang it or when it gets cold, I need to just be careful with it. So at Christmas while at work I ended up trapping my thumb in-between two trays and it really hurt. I ended up in a and e and having X rays and there was also the possibility of me having to have another operation. This was the thing I dreaded the most. I hate operations, I have had so many bad experiences with them and the thought of it makes me feel sick. 

Thankfully I haven't had to have an operation and after some exercises, pain killers and rest the pain had gone, but it showed me how fragile my thumb is.

It also got me thinking, if I was to apply for another job, what do I tick on that section where it says Disability, do I say yes? I have never seen my thumb as a Disability, it has never stopped me doing anything, but it is an ongoing medical condition, so where would I write that?

(This is how my thumb looks now, scars and all)

It also made me worry that if I was to say I have an ongoing medical problem, would that stop me from getting the job? Like I said I have never had my thumb stop me from doing anything (except bowling, it's not strong enough to support the ball so I have to use my left hand).

What do you advise I do? I know this is a random insite into my life but I want to share more with you about me and I guess this is part of who I am. My weird little paperclipped thumb!

See you later


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