My Body and The Doctor

I have wanted to wait to write this because I didn't want it to come across as a rant. I wanted to look into it properly and  make sense of things in my own head before I put it all down online and have people come back at me in a negative way, although to be honest I feel that will happen anyway.

Myself and Paul have been trying for a baby for a while (3 years in fact), a few month ago I went to the doctors and was refereed to the hospital to have tests done. Before I go on I want to say that I understand that the NHS is very overstretched, doctors are overworked and I get that but I did not feel the doctor I saw was polite, and she just saw me as a walking piece of fat.

I was looked at like it was my own fault that I wasn't able to have a baby. Yes I love cake and chocolate and cheese and food in general, but why should I be looked at like a piece of filth because of my choice of life. I am a good person, I am a friendly person, I am so much more then the fat on my body, I will make a bloody good mother, and I am not going to let some doctor look at me like that because I am overweight.

I was told that I could get a test to check that I was ovulating at the right time, but that it didn't matter because if I wasn't I would have to loose 6 and a half stone before they would help me. I felt like the doctor didn't really care about what was stopping us having a baby an that, to her, it was clearly the fact that I was overweight. This was not the first time I have been fat shamed by a doctor. I can not tell you the amount of times I have been to the doctor for something totally unrelated to my weight, such as my mental health, and the conversation has turned to my weight and if I have ever considered going on a diet.

I am an active person, myself and Paul go for a lot of walks, camping and I love being outside. Having our dogs defiantly helps, but I also love my food, does that make me bad???

I am not the only person who has been fat shamed by doctors. I have been speaking to a lovely lady called Hannah, (Fabfatmama follow her Instagram here she is amazing) she has a gorgeous little girl, but when she was born by C-section, Hannah was confronted by 10 doctors telling her if she did not loose weight she would be dead by the age of 30. If this was said in a tweet or a comment on Facebook on Instagram we would call it trolling, but because it is said by a doctor it is called, medical advice. For me both are exactly the same, someone who is telling someone else how to live there life. Also why would you tell a new mother something like that especially after a C-section.

I understand that doctors will tell me that if I loose weight, I will live longer and be at less of a risk of illness or early death. My argument to this is, I have never had problems with my health, which has solely been put down to my weight. Also there was a very fit and healthy young man who was a famous footballer, in the middle of a match he dropped down on the pitch and died of a heart attack, he was fit and healthy and playing football, which is exercising. So it goes to show you can be fit and healthy and still sadly pass away at a young age.

My view on health care in the UK at the moment is way too long to explain here and I know it will turn into a rant, but in a nut shell, people are living longer and the funding is not there to support the growing population of older people. Which means they are suffering. If we can't look after older people what is the point in living longer when you wont be looked after to the right slandered.

I feel a lot of doctors, not all but a lot, are not better then trolls, they make fat people feel like utter crap, when all we are doing is enjoying our life and our food. what is so bad about that?

I really hope this didn't come across as a rant and that people understand what I am trying to say about doctors and trolls being double standards.

See You Soon
Lots of Love


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