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As I have said before I want this to be my safe place where I can talk about what is going on in my head. Well what is going on is not a happy place at the moment.  My fiancee and I have been trying to have a baby for over 2 years now and still nothing. I am not going to lie I have been at my lowest point over this time, I feel like I am the one who is at fault.  Since setting the date for the wedding we haven't been trying, as knowing my luck it would be when I got pregnant and we wouldn't be able to save for both. Although after going to the doctors a while ago I got an appointment to go and have some test done to see what is going on. I am honestly so scared. I think it is because as long as I hadn't seen a specialist in my head I can think what I like, but once I have been and the doctor has the results, I have to face the reality.  Since booking the appointment I have been getting upset when I am around children. A few weeks ago myself and Paul were in a l

Gift Ideas For Xmas on A Budget

I will freely admit that this year Christmas for us is on a budget. Paul and I are still saving for our wedding which is in July, so I thought I would show you some ideas for gifts in case you are looking for gift ideas but not sure where to look. Trust me you can get some right bargains out there and there are more places to go rather then Boots 3 for 2, not that there is anything wrong with Boots, but lets face it, it is still pricey. 2 in 1 Straighteners Primark £10  Yep you heard me Primark, they are now doing a lot more beauty products, not just make up but hair too. They are 2 in 1 so this means u can straighten your hair like normal, but this has rounded ends which means it also doubles up as a curler, so if you are like me and you like to have a little curl and movement in your hair this is brill for it. Intempo 3 in 1 Audion Set B&M Bargains £19.99 For all those music lovers out there this is brill! You get Headphones, Earphones and a bluetooth s

Bonfire Night Ideas

''Remember remember the 5th of November the Gun powder Treason and Plot,  I know of no reason why the Gun powder Treason should ever be forgot'' It is that time again, fluffy hats and gloves, wrapped up in big coats and scarfs, watching fire work displays and bomb fires. Firstly I would like to say that this time of year is to be taken seriously, you need to make sure you are safe first and second make sure your animals are ok. Our dog Coco can be a little funny with fireworks, sometimes she is fine but if its constant she gets scared and can be a bit shaky, so just make sure you and your animals are all safe.  That being said this time of year can be so much fun, I remember being a kid and my mom would get me sparklers every year and we would stand outside with then making shapes and trying to write my name, you have no idea how hard it is to write 'Charlotte' in sparklers at the age of 6, no wonder I go by Lottie.  I am not going to a firework

My Favourite Time of Year

Like most people Autumn is my most favourite time of the year, I love the colours, the feeling in the air. The smells of the log burns. The crunchy leaves, it makes me feel all nice and fuzzy inside. I wanted to share with you some of the things I love doing this time of year so if you ever have nothing to do you can tunr to the list and think 'ye I'll do that today''  Walks   This time of year I think is perfect for a lovely walk, on your own, with someone, with a pet, what ever you like. We have the added bonus of not having the harsh winter rain and enjoying the crips weather. I love to grab my travel mug, fill it with Hot Chocolate or coffee, which ever grabs my fancy, putting on so boots, and nice scarf (mental note I need a new scarf), and a big coat and just going for a walk in the big park opposite my house. I love seeing the colours change on the leaves. New seasons always make me happy anyway but Autumn especially because it is like the trees are sheddi


I had never planned to do this post but I thought about it this morning so I thought I would squeeze another post out and see if anyone can relate to this. I (like most people) have heard all the myths and legends about 3 am. Being the opposite time to Jesus's crucifixion it is seen by religion as a Devil Oman, you also have the spooky time which says that 3 am is suppose to be the most paranormal time of all night. Then you have that age old tale of, if you wake up in the middle of the night then it means someone is watching you.  Well I am someone who from a very early age I have never been able to fully sleep through the night, I always wake up, either generally or to go to the bathroom, but I never sleep all night through. The past few weeks I have been a bit paranoid to check my phone when I wake up for fear of seeing that little number 3, and yet like some very weird body clock, I am waking up between 3 and 3.10 every morning.  Maybe my mind is going i