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October Favourites

This month, I have been able to use a few nice new shiny things, so I had the idea to show you what I have been loving this October. First thing I am loving this month is Earrings To some people this may seem very weird, but I have not worn them since I was about 9. I had a very bad experience where a small back went into my ear, that really put me off them. This month, after some tooing and frowing, I decided to bite the bullet and get a pair. The pair I have (yep only one) is from Warren James , they were £10 and they are super cute, they have a nice sparkle to them and they are just nice and simple nothing too OTT. I know that I am a "grown up" but honestly (and I know this is going to sound so weird) I feel like I look like an adult, when I wear them. When I was younger all the adults I knew wore earrings so now I wear them I guess I just see myself as a grown up, ADULTING woo! MUA Strobe and Glow Pearl Gold Highlighter. Omg can you say

Top 10 Halloween Films

With halloween fast approaching I thought it would be a good idea to show you what my favourite Halloween movies are and why. I don't want to rate them as I actually can't decide, so I will just say which ones I love and why. 1. Hocus Pocus Who doesn't love the idea of 3 sisters singing "I put a spell on you". This film always reminds me of my friend Liam. At university we spent 90% of the time quoting films and "booooooooooook" has to be a fav! So this film always reminds me of him. Sarah Jessica Parker and Bette Midler being as amazing as ever. 2. The Nightmare Before Christmas I don't think Halloween would be Halloween without at least one Tim Burton film on my list. Thankfully for you fine people you have a few. The Nightmare before Christmas is a classic! I used to work at the Disney Store and you always knew the season was upon us when ''What's this what's this there's magic in the air?'' came

A Human's Right

I, like most people, have been watching the news and seen all of the disgusting reports of Harvey Weinstein, from Ashley Jude to Rose McGowan to James Corden, it seems like there are a lot of people effected by this man or 'trying' to make light of this whole situation. I couldn't believe that this kind of thing is still going on in this day and age, it just goes to show that even though men and women are a lot more equal then they used to be there is still a lot of things that haven't moved forward. Celebrities are not the only ones who this is happening to and to be honest Weinstein is probably just the tipping of the iceberg when it comes to Hollywood, but this kind of thing happens to someone everyday. From men rubbing themselves up against women on the tube, to sending unwanted dick pics on social media. What is it that makes people think they are intituled to get away with this kind of thing. This is not just a women specific problem either, there are

Mental Health Day

As most ( if not all) people will know the 10th October was Mental Health Day. It is a full day where you can be aware of mental health issues. My biggest issue is why does it takes a day to acknowledge peoples mental health. Anyone who has been reading my blog for a while will know, I was diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression when I was 21. Since being told it wasn't just me being a weirdo and there was an explanation for why I was the way I was, I have felt so much better. My next step was to figure out my triggers and how to avoid them or overcome them when I cant avoid them. 9 years have passed and to be honest yes I do still find it hard, I struggle a lot with paranoia in my normal life and in my relationship. My anxiety I have found over the last few months is starting to get a lot harder to deal with, I have been having a few panic attacks, or finding it hard to focus and to breath. I have this anxiety tic sort of thing that I do, it is very hard to describe in w

Last 3 Months of 2017

As much as I am in denial, 2017 is swiftly coming to an end. So with only 3 months left I want to do a little bucket list of the end of the year to see how many of these things I get done before the year is out. These little quarterly (ish) lists are good just to keep you on track and to show how much you can and cant do. Anything I don't get done I will move them over to the next three months and so on. - Finish Megan Jayne Crabbes book ''Body Positive Power''     I got this book at Curve Fashion Festival and being a bit of a slow reader it is taking me a while to finish it but honestly I don't think a book has touched me as much as this one has. Megan should honestly be the person who goes round schools telling pupils and teenagers that they need to embrace their bodies. She is an unbelievable human being who is such a sweet person and who needs to get a million stars for being so good. She has made me look at my body in such a different way, I no l

From Maisie Brush Review

Like most people I am obsessed with unicorns. I love them, I have pjs with unicorns on, my screen saver is a unicron, I have a unicorn jewellery plate, slippers, t-shirts, bags, teddies (yes I am 29 years old) you name it I probably have it. So when I saw a make up brush in the shape of a unicorn horn I HAD to have it. The company From Maisie was started by a lovely lady called Emma and her husband James, it truly is a family affair since the brand is named after their daughter, which I think is just adorable. Not only do they sell unicorn shaped make up brushes but they also sell mermaid tail shaped brushed too. So all you mermaid lovers you know where to go (the do also sell normal shaped brushes, in case for some strange reason you didn't like unicorns or mermaids). The company is still a baby, starting in September 2017 but is already very popular and it isn't hard to see why. I first saw the company on Instagram and fell in love, they are amazing brushes an