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Confidence - A little help

Hey Guys Hope your all ok I have always wanted to use this blog in a lot of different ways, reviewing make up and clothes, talking about my life and what is going on in it, but I also want to try and help people too.  I know I have spoken about loving ourselves a little bit more before but this is going to be about having a little bit more confidence. Whether that is with work, your personality, school college, your body or anything.  When I was younger I was not confident at all, I would look down to the ground and not really put myself out there and it was because of the way I had been treated.   Now I can look back on that time and think of Amy Farrah Fowler from The Big Bang Theory, in one of the episodes she is talking about what she had, a best friend and a boyfriend and how she wished she could go back and tell her 13 year old self that it does get better. I wish I could do that too.   Confidence starts from within, it is something that you feel deep down, either wh

Eyebrows .... what???

Hi Guys Hope your all ok  Ok so something I haven't really ever spoken about is my love hate relationship with my eyebrows. I must admit I have never really been a person who looks at my eyebrows, thinks about my eyebrows or even likes to think about the upkeep of them.   I pluck them whenever they need it but apart from that I never know what to do about them or with them.   Recently I have been seeing a lot of eyebrow stuff on insta and in the media and it got my thinking:  ''How much do I actually think about them? Do they have the right shape? Do they look full?'' The more I thought about it the more I caught myself looking at other girls eyebrows and then it became like an obsession, ''Do my eyebrows look messy? Do I need to do something about them? Filling? Plucking? Waxing? or even the dreaded (dun dun dunnnnnn) Threading?   I felt totally lost, so I bit the bullet I went out and got myself a Barry M Brow Kit, and I am not afraid to say

First Ever No7 Purchase. Ta Dah!!

Hi Guys  Hope your all ok and having a lovely week.   Today I did something I have been meaning to do for a while, I went into Boots and tried there skin match. For those of you who don't know or haven't heard, they have this very cleaver little machine that they put just on top of your skin and it says which one of their foundations would match your skin colour.    I am the first to admit I am such a brand follower. If I find something that I love, I will always be loyal to that brand and buy their items. For foundation that has always been Loreal True Match Foundation in Fair, but sadly recently it just has not been working for me, I tried the Wake Me Up by Rimmel in the fairest shade but to me that still seemed a little dark.  I had to go into boots today anyway to look at hair dye (yep I'm gonna colour my hair again) and when I saw the make up counter I thought oooo lets try it, firstly it was just out of interest, the sales girl was absolutely lovely. She di