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I'm Back!!!!!!

HELLO EVERYONE!!!!!!! I'M BACK!!!!!! I hope your all ok, I'm sorry I haven't been around lately, but I have been moving.    For those of you who have me on instagram, you will know but for those who don't, I am no longer a brummy girl, living in a brummy world. I am ..... wait for it .........  UP NORTH!!!!!! Yes I have moved from the big city of Birmingham to the lovely little town of Warrington, (for those who are unsure) It is in the middle of Manchester and Liverpool.  Speaking of Manchester.... I now have a brand new job too, I am still with the same company, but just a new location (MANCHESTER) its hard work but I love it.  Anyway so I moved up here to be with my boyfriend Paul, he and his family have been utterly amazing with everything from helping with the move to giving us furniture, they have been brilliant.  I am not going to lie, it killed me moving all my stuff out of my mom and dads house. When everything was g