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Mega Babes May Week 3

Hi Guys  I hope your all ok. So these last couple of weeks have been a bit of a world wind, so that is why I haven't been posting as much as I should be, I will go into more detail about that another time. The post I really want to keep up with is my Mega Babes because it is so important to me.  This week I wanted to show off a women who sadly I have never met, but would love the chance too. She is someone who has boosting my body confidence in so many more ways then I could ever hope for. She is an excellent blogger and her tattoos and fashion sense are to die for!!!!  This week I am going to be talking about the gorgeous Kate London-James from How Kate Does Fashion . I first found Kate on Instagram and instantly I loved her style. Her make up is always flawless, which I am so jealous of lol, I LOVE her tattoos, and her clothing is just amazing.  I started to follow her and each day she posted I saw how not only was she so pretty and stylish she is also so down to

Mega Babes May Week 2

Hi Guys Hope your all ok. So this is week 2 of my Mega Babes May and this week I wanted to tell you all about an amazing women, who is not only a brilliant blogger but someone who is so friendly and such a lovely person. This week it is Natty Nikki (click here for her blog link). I first came across Nikki on YouTube, I have always been a very big YouTube watcher but my problem was that all the women I was watching were thinner then me so when they were shopping and doing hauls I could never shop the same places.  When I found Nikki the first thing I thought was omg this women is so nice and funny, and as I watched more she was showing these amazing clothes.  Nikki has this art of being able to find all the amazing clothes, whether it is venturing to the tiny rail under the esculators in H and M or riffeling through the sale in New Look she always finds the best things. Btw I honestly do not have the patients that she has to do that, I look for 2 minutes and then give up

Mega Babes May Week 1

Hi Guys  Hope your all ok.   So another month is over already and so much has happened this year for me, I have majorly been working on my blog, I got a new job, I am making plans to move in with my boyfriend and I have become so much more confident about my body.   The last thing I mentioned is such a huge deal for me. This time last year I hated how I looked, I had tried numerous amounts of diets, from calorie counting, weight watchers, slim fast, the list could go on and on forever. I wasn't happy looking in the mirror because none of my friends looked like me. They were all thin and gorgeous and always looked amazing no matter what, and me, well I was the opposite. I didn't know what clothes to wear for my size, or how to do my make up or anything.   Then I found the amazing community of Plus Size women.   I have had the pleasure of talking to and meeting some of the most amazing women, who have helped me to realise that it doesn't matter what anyone else look


Hi Guys  Hope your all ok. Firstly I would like to apologies for this being such a late post, I haven't been very well the last couple of day so that is why I am just uploading this today.  Steph from Seeing Spots  has introduced me to her amazing #OMCZ posts, this is Outside My Comfort Zone. I have read a couple of these posts and when I met up with Steph at the PSBloggers meet up in Birmingham I ask if I could join in.  This months post is inspired by the shopping trip which Nikki from Natty Nikki organised in Birmingham. The theme is, Shopping Trip .  So what do I wear when I go shopping .... When I go shopping I love to be comfortable, I love to wear something that will be easy to take off and put on while I am trying on clothes so I will ALWAYS tend to go with leggings over jeans as they are just so comfy.  Since it has been a little cold these last few weeks I also wear my big coat, just in case this lovely english weather wants to change at the last min