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Why I HATE Diets!!!!

Hi Guys  I hope your all ok.  So something has really been bugging me a lot since the 1st January and it is the word DIET!!!!!!  Every time I walk into a shop which sells magazines all you see is front pages full of  ITS DRIVING ME MAD!!!!!!!!!! Ok I have no problem with people who want to work out, eat well and lose weight, but why is it that we need diets??? How about head lines like, Healthy Eating Plans, How to Portion Control, Changing Your Eating Habbits.  Don't get me wrong I am not a hater of people getting healthy, if someone wants to logically sit down and think I am not happy I need to change the way I eat, then all well and good but why do you need to diet? Take a look at what your eating and see where you can make changes. Maybe you are eating the right things but your having too much. I know for me my portion control is something I struggle with, but if I was that unhappy about the way that I look then I would do something about it. 

Youtube :D

Hi Guys  I hope your all ok. Sorry that I have been on the missing list for a little bit, I have been having a bit of a bad time the last week or so but now I am back and loving life.  So for the longest time I have been thinking about starting a youtube channel, and I am very happy to say that it has finally happened WOOOOOO :D  I recorded videos two weeks ago but when I came back from my boyfriends it turned out that it hadn't actually saved to my computer, so today I have filmed it again and you lovely people can finally get the chance to watch it  here. I thought I would start my youtube channel with a nice getting to know me video so it is 10 facts about me.  If you like it and want to see more check out my channel because I'll be uploading a Primark haul tomorrow, so if you hit the subscribe button you will see when I upload and you can check it out.  I am very nervous about it so please show some love haha.  Thank you guys  Love you lots Lottie Xxx

Superdrug and Poundland Haul

Hi Guys I hope your all ok :D  I guess you guys are lucky this week, as I said yesterday I am planning on blogging at least once a week but this week you are getting not one not two but THREE yes THREE blogs YAY!!!  This blog is going to be a little haul. A few weeks ago I put a picture up on my instagram, which showed a couple of bags when I went on a shopping trip and I wanted to show you lovely people what I bought.   Superdrug    So my first stop was Superdrug, I have had it in my head for a while that I have wanted to change my hair colour, so I popped in to have a look and I found a colour I loved.  This is the colour I bought, it is Garnier Nutrisse in the colour Vibrant Red, I thought this was such a nice colour on the box, it looked like a bright colour but no too bright. Normally because I have quite thick hair I have to buy two boxes, so I did but I actually only ended up using one. When I bought these Superdrug had a 2 for £9 deal on, so if your thinking a

New Year Changes

Hi Guys   I hope you have all had an amazing start to the year and if not don't worry you still have 12 months to make this year brilliant.   So this year I am taking total control of my life, I haven't really done this before. I have always done the ''New Year New Me'' thing and then given up on it before January has even ended.   This is totally different this is New Year same old me, but I have a plan.   Firstly (drum role please) I am starting my Youtube channel (WOOP WOOP), I am planing on uploading my videos soon, I'll be putting the link up soon so when I do click it hit the subscribe button and you will have a first look at my videos.  Secondly I have decided that every month I am going to set myself some goals, this month they are:  1. Get a new job    I had to leave my previous job because of medical problems but I am hopefully getting that sorted out on Wednesday this week, (I will fill you in on another blog). So my big thi