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30 Day Blog Challenge Day 15

Hi Guys  Hope your all ok  Day 15 is all about thinking of my future, 5 years in the future to be exact, but what do I want to do in the future???   I could do the dream, win the lottery be able to spoil my friends and family and have a good life .... or I can be realistic, lets go with the second one.   Part of me, thinks 'Omg 5 years that is AGES away' but then the grown up part of me thinks 'actually this is not that far away its already SEPTEMBER!!' so I am torn on the whole thing but by the time I am 32 I would love to be married. As most girls do I have always thought about my wedding day and it has changed so much from when I was little, in the beginning it was a HUGE poofy dress with a mile long train with a million flowers. Now that I am 27 I have narrowed that down a bit (due to budget only of course if I had my first dream of winning the lottery this would totally still happen haha). Instead I would love something small, with the people that mean the

Shopping trip to Yours

Hi Guys  Hope your all ok.  A couple of weeks ago I thought as a little treat to myself that I would go shopping, so I popped into the Warrington Yours Clothing store. The last time I had gone in it didn't have a lot of new styles and I ended up leaving. I put up a tweet that I wasn't happy there wasn't much of a choice and Yours replied they actually replied, I was so excited.  Firstly I think that it is amazing that such a huge retailer like Yours actually gets back to their customers, secondly total fan girl moment hehe.  So this time going in I was first greeted by some of the brand new styles I had seen on the website, the next thing I noticed was that lovely word "Sale".  I wondered around the front part of the store and saw a blouse I had been eyeing up on the website so I grabbed it in my size and kept looking around. I wondered into the sale section and saw a top that looked so nice, thankfully it was in my size.  I also picked u t

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 14

Hi Guys  Hope your all ok  Today's post is all about my top 3 Healthy Habbit's.  So here we go  1: Drinking water  I do like to drink plenty of water whether it is flavoured or not. Water as well as being healthy for your body is really good for your skin. Your skin is the largest organ that you have and if you do not drink enough water, it can make the skin very dry and and flaky.   So if you are having a few problems with your skin maybe take a look at your water in take too and see if you can improve that a little before trying other things, it does take a while, like up to a month but you should see results.  2: Removing make up before I go to bed.  Now to be fair I don't do this all the time but I am trying to remember each night. Like drinking more water, making sure you take your make up off each night in the proper way will help to make your skin clear.   When I remove my make up I used Nivea's eye make up remover that is just amazing, it takes it

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 13

Hi Guys  Hope your all ok  So today's blog is going to be about what is inside my fridge.  I have been to have a look and at the moment inside my fridge is  Strawberries: mmmm strawberry goodness I love them for pudding. Water: We love flavoured water, I'm obsessed with elderflower water (currently sat with a glass of it next to me) and elderflower and blackberry.  Sauces: Tomato, Brown sauce and mayo, we also have a jar of caramelised red onions.  Cheese  Butter A pack of breaded goats cheese Vimto: I'll be totally honest I had never tried vimto before I met Paul and now I love the stuff. Milk Mushrooms  A bottle of wine that which is a gift for my friends birthday which I still haven't given to her A bottle of Prosecco   And that is it, It sounds like not a lot, but we haven't done this weeks shop yet so I may add to this when we have haha.  Bit of a simple post but that is it really that is what is in my fridge.  See you soon 

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 12

Hi Guys  Hope your all ok  Books have always been a very big part of my life, from when I was little to now. The one that started it all off for me was by the brilliant children's writer Roald Dahl. He wrote many amazing children's books but my favourite was 'The Twits", I always found the descriptions of the characters so funny and always looked for people that looked like them when me and my mom would go out and about.  I (probably like many other children) found that he was on such a children's level when writing, he had a way of saying things that would make you laugh and talking about grown up situations (like in Matilda) that allowed children to understand.  My second favourite was Matilda, I remember my teacher in year 1 reading it to us when we had story time in our class, I couldn't wait for the next time she would read it to us, and hated if bell rang and we were half way through a chapter because I would have to wait. Roald Dahl would tell a

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 11

Hi Guys  Hope your all ok  FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD!!!!!!!!!!! Yes today is a blog post about one of my favourite things FOOD!!!!! My top 10 foods as a matter of fact so lets kick it off with.... 1: Chicken  I love chicken, anything to do with chicken, roast, sandwiches, burgers, casseroles, chicken and chips, chicken wrapped in bacon and cheese, chicken risotto, well I suppose you get the picture, anything with chicken (NANDOS) I'm there.  2: Sweetcorn Most people don't like it but I am not one of them, I like it so much that I will leave a subway if they don't serve it, which I no is a bit of an overboard thing but I love it on my subway sandwich.  3: Cheese  Cheese is brilliant and should be served with everything, I have recently discovered goats cheese with caramelised red onion and its amazing. Cheese is Brill!! 4: Potatoes  Do I really need to say more???  5: CHOCOLATE!!! I haven't been very well the last couple of weeks and Paul said to me this mo

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 10

Hi Guys Hope your all ok Today I would like to talk about "Tips For Life''. I am a person who loves to try and think of quotes to help me get through the bad situations (see my previous blog post ). It makes me feel a lot better and stronger. One thing that always gets me through my life and I always think of is this:  ''Your life is a fairy tale, if life isn't going your way, your just in the bad part of your fairy tale  your happily ever after will come soon'' Try and think of this as my tip to you, whenever you have an argument with someone, don't pass a test or feel really down and not happy, try and think I am in my own fairy tale, this is all about me and my fairy tale just hasn't ended yet.   For me it always makes me feel like a Disney Princess maybe Snow White, I am running through the woods and I cant find my way out, but I need to believe that I will find that little place in the woods where friends will help me to

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 9

Hi Guys Hope your all ok. What is in my bag is the topic of today's blog. Normally my bag is full of old receipts and wrappers and bits and bobs of make up and perfume, but a couple of days ago I bought a brand new bag and it looks so nice and clean and tidy hehe. So here we go :D My lovely new bag is gorgeous!!!! It is in burgundy and is from Clark's, yep I said it Clark's, you would be surprised at how lovely the bags are there now so if you are looking for a new one have a quick pop in and see what you find. You can find this on the Clarks website here  This is my baby, my gorgeous new bag, it was £40 and I love it. It has burgundy snake skin detailing on the handle and on the bag tag, which also has a gold sign on saying 'Clarks". My favourite part of this bag is a bit of security for all us girlie's,  The zip at the front has this little buckle detailing. I use the zip as a place for my phone and my train pass and it makes me

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 8

Hi Guys  Hope your all ok So today's blog is all about goals, my current 5 goals. These I found very easy to write, I think about what I want for the year coming ahead and try and do my best to make these goals come true. 1: Improve My Blog: Number 1 is to make more of my blog, I love writing it and it helps me relax and makes me so happy to think people actually read what I write. I want to try and publish my blog a lot quicker then I do at the moment, which I have trouble doing just because of my working schedule. I tried to put a timer on my blogs but it didn't work right and didn't publish them at the right time. So my main goal at the moment is to focus more on my blog.  2: Make Some Vlogs: So I have a youtube channel that I am doing nothing with at the moment but just like my blog I would like to make more of it. Right now I am trying to learn how to edit my videos so once I have learnt that I will be putting together more videos, but I will let all of you l

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 7

Hi Guys  Hope your all ok  So Day 7 is all about my favourite songs so I looked on my ipod and at youtube and see all the songs I listen to and brought together my top 5 favourite songs at the moment. Song 1 : G.R.L Ugly Heart  This song may be a few years old and I totally forgot about it until the other day while getting ready for work, it came up on youtube as recommended music and I got so excited. I tend to listen to it whenever I am getting ready, it is such a party tune and helps me to hurry but I also dance and sing along to it in between so maybe when I am in a rush this isn't the best song to listen to.  Song 2: Taylor Swift Bad Blood  I don't think you can have a group of songs that isn't somewhat connected to Taylor Swift, I love listen to this song and the videos is amazing, bringing together the actresses and models as superheros I think is a great idea. The lyrics are so good. Song 3: Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars Uptown Funk  What is there to say ab

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 6

Hi Guys  Hope your all ok. So the blog challenge continues and day 6 is what am I afraid of.  I am afraid of a few things so I took my 3 biggest fears and thought I would tell you about them, maybe you have the same fears? Let me know :D 1. Like a lot of people my number 1 fear is spiders, I really hate them. Hate is a very strong word yes but I don't care they freak me out. I keep trying to say to myself that they are probably a lot more scared of me then I am of them but it doesn't work, to them I am a giant and cud crush them at any point, but to me they are a small thing with lots of legs that could jump in my face and kill me at any point. So yeah number 1 spiders.  2. Number 2 is C***ns I even hate the word!!!!! These are people you find in the circus who make some people laugh but make me totally terrified, I cant say the word I cant write the word but I hate them, they scare me so much. It started when I was very very young and I had had a nightmare one night,

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 5

Hi Guys  Hope your all ok  So here we are on day 5 and today is all about my proudest moment.  I am not afraid to say that I can be a negative person and am never really proud of myself, so thinking about this has been rather hard. Eventually I thought to myself  'I am an amazing person and I have plenty to be proud of"  My blog for one, starting this was one of the best decisions I ever made, it allows me to talk to other people about what I think and feel about some things. It also has given me some of the best friends and inspirations a girl could ever have, the Plus Size Bloggers community are so friendly and show nothing but love that everyone.  My home, I love my home, Paul and I have actually made it our home now and I am so proud of us (I know that is an us but a year ago today I never would have thought I would be where I am now). I realise I can be a grown up and have my own house, pay bills, and learn to budget. This time last year I was living with my p

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 4

Hi Guys Hope your all ok.  So far so good with this blog challenge, I'm doing better at this then I am with my photo challenge, I may try and catch up with it tonight for all if u lovelies who have me in insta keep your eyes peeled, for anyone who doesn't click the link over here >>>>>> So Day 4 is My Dream Job and I'm afraid this has been a hard one. I have so many dream jobs and ambitions for myself to achieve. I have sort of narrowed it down to three, so here goes: 1. I would love to be a motivational speaker for people with body issues, like someone who goes round schools and does classes with kids, or goes to any events and talk about how to look at yourself and your body differently.   I want them to understand that everyone is different, whether you are tall, short, fat, thin, have long hair, short hair whether you are black, white, pink, purple or green lol, everyone is a human and there is no 100% perfect way to be. One of m

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 3

Hi Guys Hope your all ok. Here we are on day 3 of my blog challenge, I hope you all like it so far. Todays post is all about my favourite quote, the problem with that is I have quite a few, so I have narrowed it down to 3 and I will explain why they are my favourites. 1- "Rome wasn't built in a day" An old but a goody, the reason I love this so much is because I can be a very impatient person, I want everything done now, I hate waiting, whether it's work or planning a night out, planning for my mom to come and see me, or even when I plan my blog posts, I want it all done now! (I sound like Violet from Willy Wonky and the chocolate factory).    I need to learn to be calm and let things come at its own speed. So saying this to myself ever now and again helps to let me now that everything happens in its own time and I can rush it but it won't be perfect, it will be a rushed mess, so take time do it right and eventually you will end up with Rome....  or

The Curve Fashion Festival

Hi Guys  Hope your all ok   There is something I have been very excited about for a while now and I haven't managed to tell all you lovely people about, that is a brilliant event that is going to be taking over Manchester Central on the 26th September this year, if you are in the area, love plus size fashion and want to meet up with genuinely lovely people this is the place to be, it is non other then The Curve Fashion Festival and I cant wait to go.  The day is going to be so exciting, there is a huge hall where all the fashion stalls are going to be, with high street stores including New Look, Evans and Simply Be as well as many others. Online retailers BooHoo (hehe when ever I say it I always sing the song, asos curve, and Very and LOADS of independent retailers, including one of my favourites which I will tell you about later.   There will be 2 catwalk shows and seminars. Three utterly beautiful ladies are also going to be there Hayley Hasselhoff

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 2

  Day 2 - 20 Facts About Me Hi Guys So here we are day 2 and today is all about 20 facts about me. Well for anyone who has seen my Youtube channel (its still a baby in the making) you will know I have already done a 10 things about me, so I wont go over those again, so I have thought about 20 new things to say :D here we go 1 - I am addicted to my phone, if I am able to have it with my I will constantly be on it, instagram, facebook, twitter. I also use it first thing in the morning to listen to music on youtube when I do my make up. 2 - I have just moved to warrington with my boyfriend, in our first home together and my first time (except for uni) that I have been this far from my family, I miss them but they know I am happy and I get to skype with my mom and dad at least once a week. 3 - I LOVE canvas pictures, our house has loads of them. There is one in our hall when you come in the front door, I got it from next and I love it, its called 10 rules for a better life. Pa

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 1

Hi Guys Hope your all ok,  So I have decided that I have not spent enough time focusing on you guys and so I thought a nice way for you all to get to now me and for me to show you some more love and blog posts is to do this challenge.  Day 1 - Your Blog's Name  So today post is all about my blogs name and why I chose it. As I have said in many different blogs I started this blog as a way to talk to other people. Maybe you are like me and love make up, fashion, books, movies anything like that. I love talking about all kinds of different things and so having a blog is my way of doing that.   The reason I chose A Diary of A Curvy Girly is because this is what I want this to be, like my diary, where I can say anything I want to because this is my tiny bit of the internet, my small section in the huge world wide web. I want to give people advice, share my experiences and try and help people. If I have been though something that you are going through and want me to ta